For L&L Holding Company...

Please find some of the videos we direct and produce. I'm including some creative, commercial, industrial and journalistic work so you get a sense what we can do (and a little about me as well). Feel free to look around the website for more relevant content. Thanks!

I directed and produced, with BlackBear Pictures (Imitation Game, Gold), this coming of age story about a mixed race kid in 1981 NYC called "Barry". It happens to be inspired by the college years of Barack Obama. We premiered at Toronto International Film Festival to critical acclaimed and sold it to Netflix Originals. "Barry" is now out in 190 countries.

before that I made "Kumaré: The True Story of a False Prophet" , a documentary about the time I impersonated a religious leader and started a following of real people. yeah.

Over the last five years, I've been a correspondent and producer on the Emmy-award winning series "VICE" on HBO. We've gradually become a trusted news source and an entertaining, immersive journalistic series. In this clip, I go to Haiti after the earthquake to find out where all the donated money really went.

I spend half my time helping companies and brands tell their own stories. Over the years, I've directed and produced dozens of videos for the global technology leader, SAP. Here's one of our videos with baseball legend Reggie Jackson.

A few years ago, we helped create new holiday called "Small Business Saturday", which you might not know was created by American Express and Crispen Porter + Bogusky. We produced and directed all the digital content for the launch of the award-winning (2 Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions) campaign.


Since it was just a drawing in a sketchbook, we've been making videos for "The Lowline: The World's First Underground Park". Here is a little documentary on the creators and supporters. Like Lena Dunham admits in this clip, I too have been skeptical and obsessed with seeing this outlandish, distopian idea become a reality. We've raised over a million dollars for this startup design project with a few simple videos.

And here's a fun improv'd, commercial video about the Ford Fusion with one of favorite collaborators, the musical and comedy genius Reggie Watts (as seen on the James Corden show).